Most people know PageRank as Google’s algorithm for ranking search results, but it’s uses extend far beyond only that: PageRank has already been utilised for analysing social networks, finding the most important functions in source code, predicting traffic, and deriving a more accurate ranking table of teams in an ongoing sports competition. In this session we will cover the basics of linear algebra, developing an intuitive notion of how matrices and vectors interact, and use it to understand the principles of PageRank. Then we’ll jump straight into real-life applications of PageRank beyond web search and how these can be implemented in PHP using the math-php library.


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Pim Elshoff at 10:59 on 12 Jun 2019

Very enjoyable, insightful and surprisingly useful! Arnout cheated of course by being a mathematician by origin, but the talk was well structured, left you asking for the next thing without pacing issues and was never overwhelming, at least not for me. Sad to not see more responses!

If you eat an apple right before the talk, you won't get a dry mouth.