There is a stereotype of programmers as being antisocial and difficult, and unfortunately many of us take on this attitude as if it comes with the job - but it doesn't have to be this way! I know it from experience, because I've been an angry, judgemental know-it-all, and I'm ready to tell you how I completely changed my attitude and refactored my life.

In this talk I'll explain how anger and fear are the root causes of our aggressive behavior, how these feelings manifest as judgemental comments online, bullying in the workplace and ultimately keep the tech community toxic and stunted. I'll show you how embracing compassion, respect, and empathy will make you a better programmer and a happier person.


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Dennis C. at 18:20 on 8 Jun 2019

Very powerful and well crafted, I will definitely strive to be a more understanding person

Erwin Deckers at 18:22 on 8 Jun 2019

Thanks for this talk. The conversation it triggered with my colleagues after it alone made it worth it.

Fantastic talk.

Thank you.

Very good talk on a very important subject with a clear message you can't argue with! I liked Jessica stories and the one with a paralyzed girl was very touching... The only issue I had with the reception were quotes. I think it'd be easier if they were put on slides, so that the audience could follow the words.

Thomas Berends at 21:21 on 8 Jun 2019

Great talk with certainly things we all need to improve. Thank you for this.

Arnout Boks at 23:23 on 8 Jun 2019

Great closing keynote that leaves one with enough questions to think about. As a slight improvement, I would recommend to cut down a bit on the animated gif loops. Having these playing in the background distract a bit from your own words, which are much more important. Thank you for sharing your story!

Erik de Bos at 09:45 on 9 Jun 2019

The message was clear with good examples, however it was long-winded and repetitive.
Very brave speaker, but it felt more as a self-help group confession.
It left me depressed, instead of inspired and enthusiastic about php.

Tom de Wit at 11:30 on 9 Jun 2019

Thank you for this important talk. It was a clear message delivered very well.

Thank you.

Alwin Drenth at 12:48 on 9 Jun 2019

A keynote without (distracting) GIFs would be better. Overall it was a good keynote, but the content of the talk could be limited to 30 minutes.

Bohuslav Simek at 14:33 on 9 Jun 2019

This talk has depth; An ideal closing talk. The length was a little bit of a problem, but from my point of view, this was not a problem of the speaker, but more of the organizers. Closing talk can be short if it is powerful, and this talk definitely was...

Tim Huijzers at 00:28 on 10 Jun 2019

thank you

An important subject, but stretched out too long. If I had know beforehand I would have skipped this talk.

Great talk.

Bart V at 19:41 on 10 Jun 2019

Good talk.

Good talk with a good message.

Timo Bakx at 11:35 on 11 Jun 2019

Very strong message in a very powerful keynote. An important lesson for all developers. Thank you so much for a much needed wake-up call.