Do you have difficulties writing effective, helpful tests up front? Have you heard of Domain Driven Design, but are you still unsure when and where to use value objects? Perhaps you've read some books or blog posts, but practical experience can be hard to come by.

TDD and DDD are key skills for team members of highly effective, performant teams. Joop and Pim have done dozens of smaller and larger projects using TDD and DDD. They would love to share these good (and bad!) experiences with you!

In this workshop you will learn the skills of TDD and DDD, and how to apply them effectively in a team. Asking the rights questions, writing useful tests and creating meaningful code. We can't wait to help you grasp TDD, DDD & Teamwork!

What you'll learn from this tutorial:
Use Domain Driven Design (DDD) techniques to do the right thing Use Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques to do the thing right Learn new insights in teamwork to help you entire team and excel together


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Daniel Halasz at 19:35 on 8 Jun 2019

DDD was not covered at all, the rest was great.

Pim Elshoff (Speaker) at 19:56 on 8 Jun 2019

Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment. Could you elaborate what you mean by "DDD was not covered at all"? Because not only was the entire introduction to the third part DDD, where we went into Value Objects, Entities & Services, but after additional questions from the audience we also mentioned Event Storming and knowledge crunching from another presentation. For your and other attendee's convenience I linked not only the slides for the workshop itself but also the additional slides we used that were not actually part of the workshop.