Unconference: Unplanned, Unrehearsed & Unprepared.


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Jeroen de Jong at 14:23 on 8 Jun 2019

Personally I found it the best talk about the Scrum framework on a developer conference I've seen so far. So you should definitely submit it to other conferences!
You should remove the example with the remote and maybe elaborate a bit more the role of the scrum master.
Well done!

Arnout Boks at 23:10 on 8 Jun 2019

I liked hearing more about scrum beyond the usual 'rules of the game'. I had hoped for some more practical insights: what problems has the speaker encountered in practice, and how did they deal with it? Right now I think the talk leaned more to the theoretical or even philosophical side. That's also an interesting topic, but not what I came for (based on the "in pratice" in the title). I would also leave the example with the male and female remote out, it's unnecessarily generalizing. The speaker had a great stage presence, got his points across clearly and definitely has potential.