In this workshop we will look at the Symfony Messenger component introduced in Symfony 4.2. During the course of the workshop we will modify a demo application to use multiple message buses synchronously for decoupling tasks and creating implicit workflows by sending/receiving messages. This course will show you how to configure and utilize the messenger component inside a Symfony application that follows Best Practices. Previous knowledge with Symfony 2+ apps is recommended, but I will try to accommodate anyone who has previously written MVC-style applications using a modern framework.

What you'll learn from this tutorial:
After an introduction to the component and some of the terminologies and concepts surrounding it we will learn how to introduce the Symfony Messenger into an existing application. We will refactor an existing piece of code to use two differently configured Message Buses. We will look at how the behavior of buses is controlled by middleware, how to modify the behavior of a bus and time permitted create our own middleware.


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Thomas Berends at 16:53 on 7 Jun 2019

It was what I expected of the workshop. I didn't know anything about the new component yet, and I had an idea on how to implement it in my own application. This idea turned out to be wrong, but luckily I now found how to do it properly.

Thank you for this workshop.

Denis gave a clear and comprehensive overview of the messenger component. Personally, however, I was not able to do much of the practical exercise as I was still trying to understand how everything fit together. Nonetheless I have a much better understand now and hope to implement this feature soon.

Thanks Denis.