Alice and Bob are the protagonists of so many cryptographic tutorials. And at least for me those tutorials where most of the time very cryptic. But encryption and digital signatures are part of our everyday duties so wouldn't it be great to understand what we are doing there? At least to a certain extend?

So let me take you on to a journey with Alice and Bob and have a look at what Cryptography is about(no deep-dive into the mathematics behind. Promise!). And along the way we will learn about trust and how to use that in everyday life like with E-Mail or Git.


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Michiel Kodde at 17:15 on 25 Jun 2020

A nice balance between theory and getting hands dirty.
Andreas is a very enthusiastic speaker with a nice listening voice. He also really did his best to customize the tutorial to the 'needs' of the audience.

Koen Cornelis at 17:21 on 25 Jun 2020

I saw the short theoretical version of this workshop @ PHP Benelux. I was left aching for practical information.

This time round with the practical part added to it, i really liked it. We have definitely gotten the tools we need to start using this tech. Now all i need are people who actually use it as well :p

Docked one "star" because the practical part was a lot to take in. It's well brought, but could be made a tad easier to digest i reckon. For example with a cheatsheet for the commands, and some slides which summarize the main points (like why we created all those subkeys).

A great tutorial!
I was able to follow along nicely and got a better insight in how gpg works and how to use gpg to establish trust with other persons.
Especially how openssl and gpg relate to each other.

I think it would be nice if the later part of the intro uses more images / visuals to make things clearer. Especially the part about DSA / RSA / 125519?? is a lot to take in.