PHP is nothing like compiled languages. If you make a mistake, the program will crash when the line of code with the mistake is executed.

When testing a PHP application, whether manually or automatically, developers spend a lot of their time discovering mistakes that wouldn’t even compile in other languages, leaving less time for testing actual business logic.

PHPStan is a popular static analyser focused on finding bugs in your code. By leveraging the strength of PHP type system further enhanced in PHPStan itself, developers can create robust applications and discover bugs early in the development process. The aid the tool provides during refactoring is also indispensable.


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Jos Elstgeest at 13:07 on 25 Jun 2020

Thank you so much for showing some of the more advanced features of PHPStan like the custom rules.
Exelent job on your first the online presentation.

Alex Lievense at 13:12 on 25 Jun 2020

I really liked the workshop. It was really informative, but for a total beginner like me it was quite a lot of information to process. Anyway, I am glad I took the workshop, as I have a clear understanding of how to make basic use of PHPStan in my projects.

Ramon at 13:12 on 25 Jun 2020

Thank you very much for this introduction to PHPStan. I'm going to use it for certain.

Koen Cornelis at 13:32 on 25 Jun 2020

Very interesting and informative workshop. Not giving it a 5 for two reasons:
- it lacked hands-on plugin-development by participants
- the bit about generics i found too lengthy and abstract

Overall very good info, well presented and exhaustive :-)

Jay Dijkstra at 13:33 on 25 Jun 2020

Thanks for this presentation, even with everything going wrong in the world right now I am still pleased that this was apossibility to gain new information regarding PHPStan. I hope that in the future PHPStan can help me, and other developers, writing more strictly code to improve our awesome PHP projects! Keep up the good work!

Damien Seguy at 15:13 on 25 Jun 2020

Great presentation, very well adapted to the level. Installation, first usage, advanced topics and even custom rule writing.

The online version is yet another challenge, that cleared by a seasoned speaker (Ondrej Mirtes). If only we knew how to clap online !

A little more in-depth details about the rules would be a plus.

Michiel Kodde at 17:19 on 25 Jun 2020

A well presented and smartly organized presentation.
A bit much on the theoretical side, but the theory was very relevant.