A lot has changed since PHP was used only for rendering web-pages. Now PHP is something more than a request-response cycle.

The event-driven architecture and asynchronous I/O processing of any number of streams in real-time allow you to build a whole new category of applications!


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Сергей, спасибо! Очень приятно увидеть наших программистов на международном уровне! Great! Thanks.

I really want to use ReactPHP to sudo get me a burger

A little hard to follow sometimes, but good talk overall

A good talk. Sergey clearly explained why one would want to use async code, and the concepts related to async/paralel/promises etc.
Along the way Sergey takes a deep dive and gets into the technical details. In the end I get the big picture, but maybe it would be nice to have some breather moments during the latter half of the talk.

Sergey has a little accent, but it was not difficult to understand him.
Nice presentation with big letters and nice theme. Very clear.
The food theme did make me hungry, ;-) .
Nice to see that he also addresses problems with the method and when not to use it and when to use it.
Open about other solutions and why he's talking about a specific one is always nice to see.

Ramon at 12:37 on 26 Jun 2020

Thanks for the great talk. I can see the benefits of using ReactPHP. Your sheets were very clear (but please don't use images of burgers and spaghetti anymore just before the lunch ;P ).

Great presentation with professional slides and Wonderfull analogies.

Gene Surov at 12:37 on 26 Jun 2020

Great talk dude! I think it would be great to make more practical examples where it could help the production.

Remko Janse at 12:38 on 26 Jun 2020

Excellent, one of the presentations that makes me want to start a project to play with the technology explained in the presentation

Saif Dara at 12:50 on 26 Jun 2020

Clear, informative and great talk!

Excellent talk and funny examples, very informative! I liked that you explained in detail all the pitfalls that one may encounter trying to develop a 100% async application. I liked the "find and fix only the bottlenecks" approach that you're proposing.

Enjoyed the presentation, as others have mentioned sometimes a little hard to follow moving back and forth between points.

Overall still very informative and plenty to learn from!

Mike Lehan at 14:43 on 26 Jun 2020

A good explanation of event driven PHP that didn't shy away from delving into the details. I think a way to improve would be to give people a clearer path of how to integrate this into an existing application - e.g how you can launch containers running this alongside web containers, how your clients might want to connect via websockets, or how you handle testing when running things asyncronously.

Good introduction til ReactPHP. I was missing a bit on how ReactPHP actually works under the hood, i.e. how is the async functionality actually achieved.

Well explained, easy to follow, really well done!

Thanks for the great talk.

Alberto Arena at 10:21 on 28 Jun 2020

Very interesting

Timo Schinkel at 13:46 on 29 Jun 2020

Great visualization of sync - async - parallel. I liked that you also discussed situations where async/ReactPHP is not a fit.