Entities lifecycle is usually something more than create and delete. Models with which we are working on day to day basis change their state under some business circumstances. State machine patterns can be a powerful allay when solving this kind of problem. How does it look like? What are the pros and cons of state machine usage? What are the things that we should be beware of? I will answer these questions during my talk, together with practical differences between the most popular implementation.

What you'll learn from this talk:
- Theoretical background of the pattern itself
- Major differences between most popular implementations
- Practical examples implemented in all examined libraries


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Thank you for a complete and in-depth introduction in a topic that every developer will encounter in their career.

Mark Baker at 11:14 on 19 Jun 2021

Clearly and well presented, showing a good working knowledge of using state machines. An excellent introduction with a perfectly plausible "real world" series of expanding requirements showing why the use of a state machine might be justified, how to implement it, options and flexibility that using a state machine or a workflow provide, and some of the potential issues to watch out for.
The talk covered a lot of ground, but was presented at a good pace making it easy to follow and understand.

Koldo Picaza at 12:36 on 19 Jun 2021

Thanks, very interesting talk, an excellent introduction to state machines

Good examples to support the explanation of this pattern.