A relational database has long been the go-to choice for PHP application developers, but as applications grow the data doesn't always fit the relational model. Perfect normalised data structures have their place, but in the world of rapid delivery, cloud computing & microservices developers need more in their toolbox.

This talk looks at when you might want to try a different data store, and how you'd look to build out or migrate to a new service. We'll look at queues, key-value, document stores primarily (with some specific examples in Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB and Redis). We'll also look at some emerging database types such as graphs and ledgers.

What you'll learn from this talk:
- How to identify aspects of a relational database that would be better suited elsewhere
- What's the difference between a key-value and document store?
- Are there any pitfalls in a service like Amazon DynamoDB?
- Can you fit the word "blockchain" into a talk about databases? (hint: kind of)


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Bas at 13:51 on 18 Jun 2021

Very interesting presentation. I've actually learned something today, thank you for that.
Great how you managed to implement the technical problems in you talk after they were resolved.

Koldo Picaza at 14:16 on 18 Jun 2021

Nice talk, a good overview over data storage alternatives. Thanks for your great work;-D

Jos Elstgeest at 14:24 on 18 Jun 2021

Nice overview of data storage alternatives.

Great job handling the tech failures.

Erwin Deckers at 14:50 on 18 Jun 2021

Very interesting and educational. Thanks!

David Goldea at 15:53 on 18 Jun 2021

Very good overview and good amount of details for each type of storage. Thank you!

I love your attitude where you say you want to connect and discus. Great speaker, interesting talk.

Excellent overview

Mark Baker at 10:55 on 19 Jun 2021

A fascinating look at the different types of databases available, with good explanations and an enthusiastic presentation style. A good overview of when different databases might be of value in a project.

The only real problem was possibly trying to squeeze too much into the length of the talk, especially with the technical problems losing some time as well... but Mike handled that well, even making reference to how a time series database could be used to monitor user satisfaction during the technical break in the talk.

Great talk, too bad the solutions stayed very close to the Amazon cluster. Other examples of solutions would provide a broader view of what is on the market.

Mike Lehan (Speaker) at 13:05 on 21 Jun 2021

Thanks for the feedback everyone. For clarity to anyone reading, we got cut off part way through the stream so the last part of the talk had to be compressed. Fortunately we do have a full recording so the slightly longer version will be available from DPC at some point in the future!

Just to address the comment about Amazon, I did present at least one none-Amazon solution for each type (and for a few types I didn't include any Amazon services). It's a balance of knowledge versus experience - I can present a wide range of choices for you, but if I want to give more detail I need to stick with my own experience which is more weighted towards Amazon services. As I said at the start of the talk though, please do message me if you want to know what an appropriate parallel is for a given database type in your cloud of choice - I'd love to help out.

Thanks again for watching, and do keep an eye on the DPC YouTube channel for the full video (including the bits that the live stream cut out unhelpfully) at some point soon.