Yes, progress is possible. Even in the worst legacy code projects. Yes, you'll need courage, and discipline, but when you stick to the plan, you can make really big changes.

In part II of this tutorial (you don't necessarily have to attend both parts by the way) we'll look at improving your PHP toolchain so you can make amazing progress in a short amount of time. Switching frameworks, upgrading to new PHP versions, all of that is just the beginning. You can improve the design of your application at the architecture level, supported by Rector for automated refactorings and PHPStan for code analysis. We'll find out that you no longer need to write tests before refactoring, but that you can write tests for the refactoring logic yourself and be done. The dream of every legacy developer (well, my dream, at least).

This workshop can be considered a part II of the "Moving Forward with Legacy Code, Part I: The Mikado Method" workshop. However, it isn't necessary to follow both. Both will be useful when attended on their own.

What you'll learn from this talk:
- How to safely make many small changes to legacy code using Rector,
- How PHPStan will help you spot mistakes,
- How to test refactoring logic before performing it on the entire project.


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