We are SURROUNDED with recommendation systems! Everything from targeted ads, through "usually bought together with", all to "People you may know". This is all recommender systems' doing. What you may not have known is that PHP is perfectly capable of executing Machine Learning tasks and as such, very suitable for developing recommender systems.

Join me in this talk and learn more of how to do it efficiently in PHP8!

What you'll learn from this talk:
- How recommender systems work at all.
- Collaborative-filtering and how these work.
- Content-based and personalized recommender systems and how they work.
- How all of this can be done in PHP8.


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Bas at 14:08 on 24 Jun 2022

Nice talk. You broke down the complexity of the matter into understandable blocks. The end of the talk was not as clear as the rest, but the concept is harder too and the time was almost expired. I hope you could give the last part of the talk some more attention (or manage the time better) so even this part is more clear to your audience.

Kaz van Wel at 15:53 on 24 Jun 2022

Great talk, sometimes hard to follow but it's complex material.

Robin S at 16:32 on 24 Jun 2022

Great talk, worthy of the predicate 'advanced'. I liked how by comparing with real world stuff, you made your examples understandable. In the end it went a little bit over my head; would love the slides to re-read this at some later point in time.