A lot of us have been there before: we don't really like the URI we picked for a certain endpoint and would like to change it. There's a mobile app and a web app which depend on our API though so it would mean a large code change over 3 projects. What if we had generated client packages from our API though? It would allow automatic testing of our contract changes in the downstream application and mean only a package version bump to implement the new URI.

This talk covers how we can leverage GitLab's downstream pipelines to generate packages from an OpenApi spec and test other downstream projects with it.

What you'll learn from this talk:
- Create a composer package from an OpenApi Spec.
- Leverage GitLab CI downstream pipelines to publish the package to the GitLab Registry.
- Test the downstream frontends with the updated package.


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Bas at 10:43 on 24 Jun 2022

Nice talk, I would recommend all people to implement there own API's before they release it. This shows a way how you can do this almost effortless.

I guess this also could be achieved in github with its runners (I definitely have to find out now). It would be nice if you had some references to that in your presentation.

Mike at 11:43 on 24 Jun 2022

Overall a nice talk, however I think it could be improved by having more focus on testing, maybe with a live demo.
Also, a minor spelling error on the languages list for swagger generator (Exlixir, should have been Elixir)

Kaz van Wel at 15:57 on 24 Jun 2022

Great talk, learned some new tricks there.

Robin S at 16:05 on 24 Jun 2022

Interesting talk! Well-prepared, with quite some humor and in-slide-jokes. I agree with Mike that the talk would be even better with a bit more focus on the testing part.