DDP – the real-time API for web applications


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I've not really encountered DDP before, but from Peter's talk I know I'll need it in the future.

A confident talk with a good, clear explanation of the protocol as well as a great demo

I will definately start a side project with DDP now. Tnx for the very clear talk and excellent demo material!

Michiel Scholten at 15:23 on 4 Sep 2015

Very inspiring, will certainly try out DDP now. The live demo also was a great way of showing the tech and engaging the audience.

This guy is legit.

Peter's talk was very informative, very passionate and very entertaining. Of all the talks, this was hands down the best one of the day. Peter explained this topic in a very understanding way and it triggered everyone to get excited about DDP.

I will most definitely give DDP a try! Thanks again Peter for the enlightenment.