Apache Zeta Components


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Great to hear that Zeta components is still alive and kicking!

Anonymous at 16:51 on 16 Jun 2011

Funny and informative talk. Tobias is a natural!

Really motivational talk about these wonderful libraries ! Thanks for this Tobias !

Very well presented, you dont get boring listening to at all!

Always great to hear someone who speaks with passion about a subject.

Great talk but generally quite concerned about the shelf life of this component library.

Maintaining complete backwards compatibility in ALL releases, no adoption of namespaces, or even function name changes may see Zeta eating the dust of other component libraries / frameworks.

My advice, drop the concern of clawing hold of the current eZcomponents users, and push this library onto the bleeding edge.

Very good presentation, fun to listen to, and also very informative. The talk gave a very good picture of Zeta Components, it's history and current status, and more.

You are a great speaker :-) Very interesting overview of the Zeta Components, let's hope it will motivate some contributors.

Good overview of where Zeta components come from and where it is heading.

Awesome talk as usual from Thobias.

Great ! A bunch of concepts I was missing in ZC are not much clearer !