Profiling PHP Applications


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Thanks for stopping-by at the eZ Conference Derick ! Insightful talk !

Very nice talk, a must see for every PHP developers !

Great talk. Picked up a couple of tools I hadn't yet heard of.

I'd add that for Mac users, you can install kcachegrind through macports. A lot of compiling, but well worth it in the long run.

Very interesting and great! You must see it !

Thanks to talk about profiling and performance optimisation.

Today, webdeveloppers couldn't optimise without tools, because frameworks (eZ, Zeta, ZF) are too high level and complex to have a complete overview of the code.

Thanks for your work.

Thanks for the talk! Good talk, but I wish it would have been more in-depth, maybe a more concrete case study or some real life experience that is harder to convey online.

Good talk, very good and clear presentation, fun to listen too. Learned a lot on the basics of profiling and performance.

Clearly a class A developer! Fast thinking and often carried away by thoughts, leading to many small detours ;) Overall interesting talk. And thanks for the tip on Xhprof!

Great talk as usual Derrick.
A must see for every PHP dev out there.