Logging and visualizing data with the ELK stack


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Toon Verwerft at 06:56 on 23 Feb 2017

Interesting talk on an interesting topic. I'dd love to see an in-depth talk about the configuration of both the application and logstash. What are you logging, why are you logging it, what kind of additional data can you log, ...

Nice job on keeping quite a large topic in a relatively short talk.
It had all the necessary entry points for us to and find more info on certain parts and the demo views was a nice extra little touch.
Great job!

Interesting lightning talk on the ELK(R) stack.
Packed a lot of content in a short talk, which in turn was easy to comprehend.

Jurgen Rutten at 14:51 on 23 Feb 2017

Nice informative talk, lot's of info in a short period of time. More wouldn't be possible in a lightning talk.