Shhh..! PHP App Secrets with Vault and Consul


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Toon Verwerft at 07:01 on 23 Feb 2017

Thanks for adding the code. I'll definitly check it out at some point :)
Great topic. You might want to use a lightweight framework like e.g. slim for demo purpose.

Great little talk. And even if you never played with it before it was still pretty good to follow. Excellent job!
Also loved the little demo :) I also agree with the lightweight framework but doesn't really matter as long as it works ^^

Definitely something I'm going to try and implement on our stack.
Great talk as usual, thanks Gabriel.

Jurgen Rutten at 14:57 on 23 Feb 2017

Nice informative talk, I knew consul already, but Vault was new for me.
We'll be definitely checking it out in the future.