A quick start on Zend Framework 2


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Anonymous at 12:55 on 6 Jun 2012

i thought it was a quick and easy start on zf2.
i suggest you to show a quick demo with its code before all the theory and architecture.

you should also improve the tone of your voice to make this presentation more attractive.

A bit hard to understand how It work but It looks like à great step forward for zf

For someone already using DIC, events..., the first and major part of this talk was not very interesting. Also I think that to make people try the ZF2, you need to make those features more appealing : people don't wake up in the morning with the need of a DIC IMHO.

So more examples, more code, more "THAT'S WHY ZF2 ROX", and it would have been perfect. Thank for the insight on ZF2 anyway, I'm not following the development of it but it's always good to know.

I didn't feel like the speaker wanted to show us that he believed in ZF2, and that we should really use it. I missed a bit of passion in this talk.

I also think the name of the talk should be "a quick overview" instead of "a quick start".

Anyway, it was nice to see some principles and design patterns i love in SF2, being highlighted in ZF2.

I agree with people talking of te lack of enthousiasm for ZF2, but the conf explained well how would work ZF2. thanks!

like previous messages, the lack of enthousiasm was a bit sad, need more demo with what is now available more easily, anyway the explanation were cool, thanks