Annotating with Annotations


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Great talk with a really good summary of the current annotation status in PHP.

Although I didn't attend the PHP Forum this year, these slides are really great and self explanatory. Looking forward to see your talk live one day. Maybe if you attend the Symfony Live, you can submit your talk to the Unconference.

Great talk

Anonymous at 17:04 on 5 Jun 2012

great advanced and professional topic

Nice talk, thank you :-)

Great presentation, very happy that we hosted you for the Forum PHP ! Your talk was very professional and I did learn a lot. Thank you !

The subject was really well introduced.

You showed how to implement annotations, but after that, maybe adding a slide with an example of code to actually use the filter would have been cool, to conclude with something like this: "with all this annotation stuff, you can now do the filtering stuff with a single line in your controllers, etc...".


I did show the final use in slide 110, but you are right, i should either have mentioned how it automatically hook into symfony or show an example of calling the "enforcer" itself. I will fix that for next time, thanks!

Btw, there is an example of it here: if you are curious.