PHP in 2012


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Very good talk

Anonymous at 17:27 on 5 Jun 2012

great talk as usual, very good mentality against trolls like node.js and php6
Community always needs great personalities, php can definitely rely on you.

definitively a leader with a high level talk, very instructive. Thanks

Anonymous at 11:24 on 6 Jun 2012

a great orator, a perfect introduction to the other conferences

As usual, like the message "do thing that matters"!

Interresting, inspiring... and so cool. Thanks Rasmus!

Great talk.

I found interesting the use of real facts to show how php is heavily used, and why.
Also, stepping back and explaining today's goals of PHP, was very valuable to me.

great talk, thanks Rasmus

Great talk ! Happy to have heard this big picture about php in 2012