A state of Mind


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Anonymous at 10:16 on 23 Oct 2014

Reality driven developpement :-)

Anonymous at 19:45 on 23 Oct 2014

Thank you because this presentation was one of the few ones that talked about real PHP development (ok, design patterns but in PHP!). Now I'll try to implement the State pattern more often because I really saw the benefits of the method: readability.

Thank you,

I would have appreciated more details and examples against database driven design and screen driven design. Because I feel like I'm doing things based on these concepts, and with just two or three sentences, it felt bad indeed, but more details would have been really helpful.

It also turned the light on when the example of the Order came at the end of the presentation. The Door example, even though easily understandable, was not very clear as long as it did not match a business use case in my head!

Anonymous at 17:08 on 24 Oct 2014

Great !

Thank you for this great talk! I would appreciate to go further, but well, this is a good introduction to the State pattern.

It felt a little generic - all over the place. Not sure what I got from this talk. Still, "everyone you ever meet knows something you don't" holds true - I learned something implicitly and that's all that matters. Thanks for the talk!

great talk, and I kinda like the explicitness of the state pattern, the fact that the language forces the constraints, not the algorithms.
I think encapsulation should have been cited a bit more, tho.

Otherwise, I would have liked to hear more about DDD, (not just state pattern), unfortunately the talk stayed on the same example, and focused on just this. Would have been cool to see other pieses of DDD.

Anyway, very fluent and well controlled talk. You did a great job on stage!

Too much time spent around one pattern, when there are so many we have to use when modelling domain.
You could have explained a bit the layers you show in one of the first slides (Presentation, Application, Domain, etc), I think it is a very important part of DDD and separation of concerns.
Thanks for the talk, keep up the good work.

I'm not entirely sure what to extract out of this talk, it felt kind of all over the place. On the other hand, it was one of the rare pure PHP development talk of the conference, so it's always a good point. I got a refreshing example of the state pattern. But still, not sure what to get out of it, when you declare that you don't know if state machine generated code is useful or not since you never used it... the whole talk kinda ends in a flop. I'm still a big fan of your work and involvement in PHP though.

Very interessing. Maybe missing of a real use case.

Finite-state machine rocks!

a bit theorical but interesting and educationnal