An introduction to the Laravel Framework for PHP


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Thank you for this introduction to Laravel!

I would have preferred to spend more time on features slides but it's hard to talk about all of them in a 45min-talk, so, it was really interesting to introduce this framework.

I don't know very well Laravel, but it was a pleasure to have such a personality to present it to us.

Too bad you didn't have enough time to spent on code snippet slides, but it was cool to discover a bit more about your history and about Laravel background.

Now I'm exited to read your books and also play a bit with this new framework.

Hey man,
Honestly it was a great pleasure to hear you talk,
But you spent too much time on the first part about you and the history of the framework and we all know what IoC is (at least I hope).
Give us some code next time :)

A big deception, not that I don't want to know who you are, but the talk was about Laravel, of which you ended up not showing much of.
You missed a big opportunity to make people discover what makes Laravel so different, specially when you see what's coming in v5...

So disappointed! I still don't understand why you talk about Laravel barely half the presentation time. Rest of time was about you, your books, your projects. I remember you introduced the slide about event management in less than 30 secs, whereas IMHO it should take longer. I expected see something like live-coding, amazing demos, ... Unfortunately, this did not give me want to try Laravel. You really seem to be a Laravel expert so I think it was just a passing mistake, and I'm pretty sure you will do better next time ;)

Maybe compare Laravel to other framework would be interesting.
And try to talk more about Laravel's features.

I'm going to agree with other reviewers in here, you're a nice guy, you're humble, you're smart and you know what you're talking about, but the talk was too disproportionate. I don't know if it was thought for a 1h+ long format and if you had to rush things through but the first half of the talk, even if interesting to know you better, was clearly not the most important part. I'd have put more emphasis on code samples and live demo. Other thing was, doing this Laravel presentation after everyone got so pumped-up about the framework-bashing talk in the morning was maybe a bad choice from either you or the organizers.

Even if I like the tone of your presentation, I would have preferred more technical information about Laravel

Way too much info about you/Laravel history/Laracon.
I really wanted to know technical stuff about Laravel and I had to wait 25 minutes before it happened!

I was very disappointed :(

Your slides are well done and you present things well, so you have everything in your hands to do very good talks! Keep up the work dude!

I'll definitely give a try to Laravel thanks to this presentation!

I can remember one thing : read the book