Bringing Sculpin to Life


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Anonymous at 17:02 on 24 Oct 2014

As I said to you on Twitter : I'm glad to have some feedback coming from a project creator, which isn't just a commercial talk to sell a product but mostly to have a sneak peek about the history of it, and more generally about the OSS community.

We saw today a man driven by his passion during all this years. And it's really refreshing.
Sculpin is a great project, and I hope that it will receive as mush attention as Jekill in the next few years.
Also, I really appreciate your work on Stack, simple but great piece of software here.

It was a pleasure to see you in person today. Thanks you for coming to France for this edition of ForumPHP.
I hope we'll have the chance to see you again soon.

Good talk - better than what I was expecting. You covered the areas of community interaction I'm quite familiar with, and the discouraging words from prominent members can indeed take a big chunk out of your motivation. I'm glad you persevered and to be honest, this talk made me want to try Sculpin out more than a purely advertising type talk would have. I hope to see you again at another conference in the future, as I'd love to discuss things I didn't get the chance to pick your brain about this time around.

That was great. And honestly I was not expecting this. It was a really personal and humble real experience to the open source world. Thank you!

Good talk, you put the focus on the parts that needed it the most (community and do things yourself).
Keep up the good work, the community needs you.

Your talk hit very close to home for me. I dealt with the exact same issues in the past, fear of rejection from the community, looking for excuses for reinventing the wheel, being a lone wolf. I'm happy to see I was not alone at this time, we both evolved the same way except I decided to leave the PHP community and you stayed. It was an inspiring and motivating talk, but there wasn't much to learn though.

Thank's for sharing your experience

Thanks for your talk, and your job. Sculpin has generated my personal website during 1 year.

I've been using Sculpin for a couple of weeks now and I feel like I've just found what I really needed!

Thank you also for having shared your experience with regards to the very demanding open source world!

Would you please be so kind to add a link to the slides on this page as well?

Really enjoyed this talk. The description of your journey into the PHP/open-source community is inspiring.