Design how your objects talk to each other through mocking


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Anonymous at 19:52 on 24 Oct 2014

Great great conference ! I learned at lot, I will try to apply your advise.

As I said on Twitter, it's like a live episode of Elephant in the Room :-)

It was a pleasure to see you in person.
Your talks (and podcasts) are very clever in a way that you always expose an interesting global issue, go deep in your explanations, and always display a code chuck to identify the main aspects of what's you're talking about.

Understanding complex problem with such an approach is really comfortable.

I really would like to thank you for your involvement in the community and the great tools you've created so far.
I think that over the years, you definitely push the PHP testing world to the next level, and everybody should thank you for that.

I hope we'll see you soon again in France.

one of the best talks. Fluent and clear :)

Now this is what people need to see more often!
An excelent explanation of how tests can help you design more SOLID code while focusing on messaging.
Very good slides, full of clear code and well paced talk.
Keep up the good work, you help a lot of people.

Very good talk! I was worried when you started because it felt like it could end up being pretty boring, especially given the complexity of the talk. But no, your code examples and test doubles definitions where so great that everything flowed flawlessly. I probably learnt the most things in here and it resonated very well with things I'm working on right now. Funny to see how respecting the S.O.L.I.D principles helps you build better test doubles and how building better test doubles help you respect the S.O.L.I.D principles.

It's hard to understand your speaking ! But that was awesome, it's definitively one of the best talks.

The GOOS book will be mine :P Thank you so much!