How I learned to stop worrying and love Regular Expressions


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Anonymous at 15:22 on 24 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 16:06 on 24 Nov 2015

"Every day is a school day". Even when you think you have a good knowlegde of regexpes, there are always some new things to learn. Thank you Jordi!

Really nice talk on a subject i like!

I was one of the two self-proclamed experts in the front but Jordi made me learn something new.
The talk was really nice and I hope it gave beginners the will to try regular expressions :)

Thanks Jordi !

I have the power now

Hope your throat is going better ;)

Anyway, I've learnt a lot during this talk, so thx a lot for all your tips !

It was a really good talk, well prepared ! Good Job !

The format of the presentation suited perfectly well the covered topic :

* Clean slides with crystal-clear conventions from the start,
* Numerous examples and
* Great explanations

Thank you!