Magento 2 in today's PHP universe


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Content is too large and each subject is treated too quickly to my point of view.
Less and more detailed (technically) should be better.

Each subject is treated quickly and the speech itself it quite fast. I understand the 30min limitation but I would have prefer less subjects, more covered. It also lack of code comparison, "to do that in Magento 1 you should have written this, now you can write this".
Graphically the content is very good.

Thanks for the great suggestions Cedric & Jonathan, I'll make sure to incorporate them in the next talk by removing some topics so I can cover more details in those 30 min.

Hello Gabriel,

For me your talk was covering the new majors improvments and features which have been added in Magento2.
Perhaps you can go deeply into the new features which have been added and especially into the code factory. But I can understand talk duration do not help you to go deeper in each subject.
Perhaps your talk could be more clear if you've been detailled more deeply what is differents with Magento 1 and 2, and what it'll induced in the way or working / developping with Magento.

I like your talk as a person who is not involved into the Magento community at all. I learnt a lot, and it is always good to see what others do. I would have loved a few examples like how it looks like, or why I should choose Magento over something else.