What We Talk About When We Talk About Distributed Systems


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Alvaro tackled a very deep and complex topic elegantly, giving a good overview of language and concepts related to distributed systems. Delivery was very good, but it could have been smoother. However: content was carefully selected, organized, and was relevant - that's what really sticks after a conceptual talk like this.

It was interesting, but very very far from my day to day problems ;)

Anonymous at 11:24 on 25 Nov 2015

Sans doute intéressant, mais j'ai vite déconnecté.

Interesting talk far from "welcome page" of messaging solution.

The talk was continuously surfing the line between "woah dude" and "what is this I don't even…", which was very fun :) It was challenging to follow, but the passion of the speaker and the deep dive into the topic made it well worth it! Thank you!

This was such a huge amount of intelligence in only 45 minutes, shared with so much passion, that it will definitely remain in my mind as the best talk of the conference. I must leave you , I have to study academic papers on the subject.

Amazing talk with a ton of references! Thank you!

Great talk, complex yet fun!

Fun and entertaining, but closer to a bibliography list than an explanation of anything