Of course, you should read all you can about SOLID, Design patterns, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, etc. Once you have a basic understanding of these topics you still have to write that code though, and write it well too! What is good code? Are there some guidelines, or rules of thumb, which you can follow while making your everyday coding decisions?

In this talk I’ll cover many of these coding guidelines, which aren’t usually covered by patterns or principles books. They should help you write better code and give you a richer vocabulary for reviewing other people’s code. Some of the subjects that we’ll discuss are: state, mutability, CQS, one-method objects, domain-first, API-driven, functional programming influences, object boundaries, (de)serialization, and many more!


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Perfect! Very interesting topic! Very good speaker!

Every single slide of this talk should be taught at school. Thank you.

Pierre Goiffon at 16:11 on 5 Nov 2018

Une présentation que tout développeur objet devrait suivre !! Partir des bases et des raisons des choix de conception plutôt que de grands principes à appliquer... A voir quelque soit le niveau, "au pire" c'est une remise en place des idées très utile !

Nice talk. Very useful for every developers!
Thank you :+1: