You've learned about atomic commits, rebasing, you're keeping your history clean... but now what? When does all the good stuff happen? When are you awarded for your good Git behavior? Join me in this talk to learn about some advanced Git tricks that has saved my proverbial butt more than once, and I'm sure it will do the same for you! Go anywhere in your history, fix rebase screw-ups you thought were permanent, and find out about the magic of combining bisect with regression tests to fix surprise bugs ??lightning?? fast.


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Guillaume at 12:34 on 21 Oct 2021

Découverte de git bisect

I feel like my understanding of Git doubled during that talk. You had me at time traveling and I hope there'll be a sequel 😊

A perfectly conducted conference with very good tips. A relaxed atmosphere with a great content! Well done!

Very interesting & interactive! Thanks a lot

Alex Rock at 09:53 on 25 Oct 2021

This kind of Git expertise is definitely necessary in our industry. Thanks a lot for giving such amazing talk 😉

Marine Gandy at 09:53 on 26 Oct 2021

I loved it! I'm very familiar with reflog but never really understood bisect until your presentation. Now it's very clear to me how I can use it efficiently, thank you very much! Plus you're super funny, so I had a great time :)

Sofia Lescano at 11:18 on 28 Oct 2021

Very interesting and very clear.
Good reminders of git best practices.
I have only done git bisect once, but manually, would love to test it with a script.