The Agile Enterprise - Adopting Agile Application Delivery


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This talk had nothing to do with agile application delivery. The first half was a presentation of PHP and how PHP is used everywhere on the web, then apigility, then Jenkins and Zend Server.

If I was to rate Matthew's presentation on Apigility, I would definitely rate it 5/5, it was really interesting. But the whole thing felt really weird. Was is just an advertising space for Zend?

I want to counterbalance Matthieu's comment. Zend's vision concerning agile delivery was very well presented by Andi and Apigility was introduced as one important piece of this vision. Maybe it should have been introduced more clearly for people who are not familiar with Devops culture ?

Apigility was well-presented and really interesting.

Where Matthieu is right, is that it would have clearly attracted more people of this very community-driven conference if Apigility, a very interesting open-source project, had been introduced in the title and description of the talk.

Anonymous at 21:29 on 22 Nov 2013

Interesting talk and piece of software, even if yeah, it was some advertising from Zend.
No problem with that tho, even if I don't think it was clearly announced that way.

Apigility is awesome.

The Apigility tool looks interesting, however I did not expected that this talk would have presented such a tool, but rather, general tips/processes.

If I knew that was so much Zend's product centric I wouldn't have followed this talk.

Anonymous at 13:09 on 2 Dec 2013

It was really interesting to discover Apigility. But the title of the conf was more promising than it really was.