Put on your trench coat and grab your magnifying glass as we walk through investigating a real-life hacked WordPress website. You'll experience first-hand what tools can help you find the vulnerability and the point of entrance. Learn what the hacker might have left behind, how to seal up the most common problem areas, and how to set up notifications to help you spot a hack more quickly in the future. Even though we will be going through a WordPress website, most of the tools discussed are applicable to any website.


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An excellent talk and discussion about how to investigate and secure a site after it has been hacked in addition to great advice on how to prevent a hack (as much as possible).
Beth always does a great job speaking and is very personable. I learned a lot and even picked up some new bash tricks!
Thank you for coming to Appleton and sharing your knowledge and experience!

Tim Wiitanen at 12:13 on 20 Jul 2018

Very good presentation. Some of the subject matter seems so obvious until you realize it's not something you would think of until someone pointed it out. It applies not just to wordpress. It's critical thinking.

Beth gave a solid presentation.