The devices and applications that users engage with are being made in such a way that the user loses the capability to fully take advantage of the power of their device. This then limits the freedom the user has to do or create whatever they want. For example, modern mobile devices are built on top of the Linux (or similar) kernel, but they don’t easily allow users to install or build anything they like. This is even more concerning given that, for many children and for many people in developing countries, a mobile device is their only computing device.
UserLAnd will remedy this situation by providing applications and cloud services that make sure Linux and all of its capabilities are never out of reach.
This talk will start at the problem, then discuss our existing solutions and what is coming in the future and then dig even deeper into how we make it all work (including tricks like system call manipulation and the use of LD_PRELOAD). There will be something for everyone.


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