Although MongoDB is a non-relational database, it is still important
that you store your data in an optimal way. This presentation teaches
you how to design your data schema according to your application's
needs. This requires a different mind set than designing for a
relational database.

Besides schema design techniques, I will also cover how to pick indexes,
different types of indexes, and ways to find out why queries are
potentially not as fast as they could be. We'll also lift the cover on
the Aggregation Framework and Schema Validation.


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Mark Railton at 21:15 on 21 Mar 2018

Excellent talk that touched on several areas of how you can get the most of out MongoDB, including how to protect your data with replica sets

Paras Sood at 17:26 on 23 Mar 2018

Excellent talk! The talk covered MongoDb right from the basics of what document, collections etc. are right up to replication, schema validation and aggregation.

The talk covered the most you could expect from a 1 hour session, without getting overtly complex without first laying down the basics.