Software Design in PHP7


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Anonymous at 13:50 on 11 May 2016

Talk was overall quite good, but I feel there were a few things that could be improved:

It tried to cover far too many topics for one talk. I feel sticking to 2 or 3 of your points and going into a little more detail would have been far more beneficial.

You spoke and went through the slides quite fast. Maybe that was nerves, maybe it was just to get through a lot of content

The code examples jumped around a lot. A consistent theme to the examples would have made it easier to follow.

I also wasn't sure what related to PHP 7 in this talk, aside from the start where you talked about installing PHP 7 and running PHAN. The concepts you talked about could surely be used in earlier versions of PHP? But perhaps the the specific tools you spoke of required PHP 7. It wasn't really clear what needed PHP 7 and what didn't, or what PHP 7 allows you to do software design wise that earlier versions don't.

A lot that could have been improved, but overall it was an interesting talk and has given me some things to think about, especially around action based controllers.