In this talk we'll be covering Go's Reflect package and using it practically for decoding objects which typically might be in a map into a structured struct. We'll be covering the basics and the pitfalls of using reflect and when it makes sense. (the talk won't be very low level so should be accessible by all, most complex things will be explained).


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James Rooney at 22:51 on 16 Oct 2019

I thought this would be too high level for me but I think I think it was pitched very well.

Amnon Yizhak at 08:48 on 17 Oct 2019

Informative talk.
But any talk on reflection should start with the usual warning - don't use this unless you absolutely have to.

The talk demonstrated that that reflection is much slower than a hand-crafted or code generation solution,
but did not explain why that is.
And there was no explanation of how the speedups in the Monzo code were achieved.
That said, this was an informative and enjoyable talk.

Very good tradeoff between time, content and depth. Well presented IMO as well.