In this talk, we are going to go from 0 to 1 in running automated tests in parallel using the Go standard testing package and why we might want to do that. We will cover setting up automated tests, using table tests and subtests, see how to run our tests in parallel along with some handy tips.


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Marc Coury at 19:46 on 18 Sep 2019

Great talk, you covered a lot! Just a few comments:
* I'd recommend using go modules instead of dep,
* give people time to read your slides,
* don't be afraid of silence or repeating yourself -- people need time to think and absorb what you've said.
Thanks! :)

Kat Zien at 20:43 on 18 Sep 2019

A very clear presentation and explanation of the less known aspects of the testing package. The trace diagrams were excellent at illustrating the different modes of execution (sequential vs parallel), and it was nice to learn about t.Parallel() and why we need to re-assign the tc variable at the start of the loop. Well done for keeping the talk focused on just a few key points as that made it easy to follow and gave it all a nice structure. Oh and it was nice to use the sorting algorithms as example code! My only bit of advice would be to sometimes slow down and pause for a moment to let the audience digest what is shown on the slides :)

Paul Burlumi at 23:01 on 18 Sep 2019

Excellent talk from Eleni. I love the surprise of learning something new on a well trodden subject.
Some hopefully constructive comments from me.
The use of dep was slightly distracting, use modules to keep your audience focused.
I also liked how you built up the code with the test results alongside. It really worked well on that big Deliveroo screen.
Well done.