Advanced techniques in using RDBMS. Learn how to use your database as a pro, squeeze the last drop of performance from the same hardware. Design your system to be both high available and high reliable. Don’t get stuck in mediocrity, move your system further by learning secrets professionals won’t share on stackoverflow


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Nenad Vuletic at 14:08 on 2 Dec 2018

The energy is great, the knowledge and ideas are very useful

Really great lecture.

Nikola Krgovic at 18:09 on 2 Dec 2018

One of those amazing moments, when the experience is sipping all over the talk. While the advanced techniques demonstrated are amazing, this is one of those talks I'd recommend to everyone, regardless of the technical level, as it not only shows advanced techniques, but also points every listener to a proper frame of mind and show them that they need to think.

The way that the whole lecture managed to convey the message, and I quote, "Think OUTSIDE THE BOX but KNOW THE BOX!!!" is why I'd consider this the best talk of the conference.

Excellent synergy with the other mysql talk that came before it. No overlap in content, but still related.
Heard about a lot of new things, which was the point, as the speaker said, Got quality notes out of this one, and it was very fun to listen to.

Milan Rasljic at 21:19 on 2 Dec 2018

Cool guy, presentation and approach to speach giving. Holds focus, makes audiance laugh, has many interesting points. One of the best lectures.

Dušan Simić at 22:06 on 3 Dec 2018

Great lecture on how to scale and not scale a project/website and a lot of examples when things can go wrong. Very good presenter also, full of energy and a lot of humor.