Auditing code for security is important. But what about auditing for logic? How many tokens do you own? And how many tokens have you inspected, source-code style? How many tokens can you actually store on a paper or hardware wallet without fear of someone grabbing them, just like that, even when offline? You’d be surprised to learn that you don’t actually “own” many tokens. In this talk, I’ll show you what I mean by this and how to check for these pitfalls.


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Mateja Kendel at 21:56 on 1 Dec 2018

Very interesting talk! Really liked the flow and connection with the audience! Wanna hear more from Bruno!

Bruno knows his stuff, and even though I don't do blockchain work I found the talk very easy to follow and very interesting. The personal opinions on npm and other tools are refreshing, as there's not a lot of developers that would criticize it on stage I think. Hope to see him on future conferences in the area!