Cross-platform is the buzzword when it comes to mobile app development. But since the community is still growing, it is hard to find the right answer for the question: which tools are the best for development on Windows, Android, iOS and other platforms? How to overcome the disadvantages they have, and what are the best ways to use their assets?

In this presentation, we will discuss OutSystems and Xamarin. Forms, two cross-platform technologies whose popularity is rapidly growing. Their pros and cons and comparative analysis will be explained by two software developers, Milan Keravica and Saša Grahovac, who have been working with these platforms for several months while developing complex software solutions. In their talk, they will also be describing some of the more common use cases where Xamarin and OutSystems shine, and how they fare in tackling various problems in the development lifecycle.


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Nenad Vuletic at 21:38 on 2 Dec 2018

Very nice insight into a perspective not a lot of people have access to! Very technical, and understandable for developers.