Have you ever wondered how modern Front End frameworks and libs are used in huge enterprises systems?
What is the way to reduce complexity, improve maintainability and reduce technical debt?

This talk will present you a journey of refactoring huge enterprise-grade system with more than 4000 web pages, from ExtJS to React library. You will learn why it is a good thing to keep your core vanilla (JS) and how can you structure such a huge project. You will see how we can remove coupling and reduce technical debt, how Redux library can help you with refactoring and how can you document the whole process with a Storybook project. And finally, you will learn some architectural tips and tricks to make your code easier to maintain, test and build upon.

P.S. Also, as a bit of sprinkle on top, you will see what processes have been put in place so that the code quality is preserved and improved over time.


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Viktor Bek at 10:23 on 2 Dec 2018

Great talk. Very well put. Concrete ideas and steps taken in a refactoring effort.

Great concise talk

Marko Bozic at 13:42 on 2 Dec 2018

Good one. Have good points.

Milan Rasljic at 20:53 on 2 Dec 2018

Agree with decoupling and the rest of points in the lecture.