It’s been a long time since all web agencies are aware that finding new people is a real challenge. I’d say we are talking not just about challenge, but real global problem. In last years we managed to set up a small model about how to deal with renewing out team. Considering fluctuation rate and employ-ability options on labor market especially for developers it was more than clear that we need a “”backup incubator”" for juniors. Presentation would cover processes how did we handle those problems, how successful we were and what were main denominators for most of the volunteers/practitioners/juniors which were in our program. Example would be one recent blog on our web site: Pros and cons about this approach together with best outcomes would be presented and discussed. Most interesting examples of issues young people are having in knowledge (no matter formal/informal) and handling first job will be studied. Comparison with Erasmus and faculty obligatory programs will be also mentioned.”


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Good presentations but it didn't cover the description completely.