This is the story about building a business analytics platform – growing fast to satisfy business needs, measuring signals to understand impacts and racing around to be the first in the market. And keeping the wallet fat, saving both time and money, standing on shoulders of giants.

Let’s talk money! Let’s talk tech money! We want to win, to be the first so we have to think about solutions that save us time, money and maintenance efforts while providing solid foundation to answer business requests. This talk is the story of functional data engineering, idempotent computations and highly scalable cloud based business analytics. Audience will hear about serverless architecture, reactive functions, replayable, idempotent computations and underlying storage models. And we will talk what tech people do not talk enough – we will talk about money – how much do we cost, how to make more and how to cut down even more…


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Fine topic and it matched the descriptoon well. Very good than interaction with the public.