Virtual Reality is a technology used for building realistic experiences for games, environments, content display as well as marketing. In this session, I will teach the participants about 3D objects in the web, virtual reality, VR devices, WebVR, WebVR API and finally building games with A-Frame. In this talk, I will also showcase creating a multiplayer game similar to Pokemon Go using WebXR in a live coding session. The live coding session will cover topics such as creating the game scene, importing 3D objects, interaction with objects, adding animations, implementing WebAR and adding multiplayer capability to the game with real time databases. By the end of the session, the participants will have a complete understanding of what WebXR is and they will be able to create cross-browser WebXR experiences as well as multiplayer games similar to Pokemon Go.


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Good talk. Wished there was more time to cover more than just basics

Talk was fun! I went in without any expectations, as it's not my field, and left it wanting to start experimenting with the tools mentioned. Bravely done live demo went well, that's always a risk.

Nice way to get your feet wet with VR, as a web developer.

Nikola Đuza at 23:10 on 2 Dec 2018

Great talk, nice examples with Pokemons! Didn't know you can create VR that easily in the browser.