In this Conversation on Developers’ Career Life Cycles our moderator and panelist Jasmina Nikolić, Milan Puvača, Jure Čuhalev and Michiel de Wit will talk about some real global problems concerning the challenges and opportunities for developers’ personal and career growth from becoming to staying relevant. Together with the participants, our moderator and panelists will try and answer question such as: How do you figure out that you’re stuck? What are trade-offs between being consultant, freelancer, business owner, architect, technical manager (or quitting it all and becoming goat farmer)? How and where do you learn and acquire new skills? How do you choose your next career move? What are the prospects for older developers? How do you turn your gray hairs to your advantage? And how agility can help?


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Srdjan Vranac at 11:10 on 2 Dec 2018

Interesting topics were covered, but the clunky way of writing questions on pieces of paper, and then it would be sometimes unreadable, diminished the returns on an otherwise interesting panel

Surprisingly interesting. I like the "cue card" approach to questions because it fished out a lot more questions than raising hands would. I did not expect the topic to be so gripping but the panelists made it very interesting, and got the crowd involved. Usually panels tend to go too slow or to not hold your attention, but I feel that this was could have gone on for 30 more minutes without the crowd losing focus.

Milan Rasljic at 20:58 on 2 Dec 2018

It took a bit longer, but it held our attention the whole time because the panalists(all 4 of them) were interesting and funny, with good replies. The cards thing was a nice and effective touch.