Containers, serverless and orchestration, are concepts that are now the cornerstone of modern tech architectures.

When do we use what and can we combine these best of bread notions?

In this talk, we will explore possibilities of infrastructure abstraction and complete automation of provisioning, deployment, running, and monitoring of our processes using Docker, K8s and FaaS.

We, as business/product developers will try to get away as far as possible from the “metal” and as close as possible to the business and consumer.


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Concise examples combined with few real life implementations. Q&A handled with confidence and questions answered.

Good talk .

Nikola Krgovic at 18:01 on 2 Dec 2018

A talk that has me thinking for a second day now. With all these abstractions, layers over layers, are we now, once again, moving away from DevOps methodology and back again into separating the dev and ops teams?

Very clear overview of serverless topic, with an accent on AWS as a solution provider.

The talk covered some use cases, and it included a demo how to very quickly setup and use FaaS. But the more important aspect of the talk was the shift to functional programming in order to get the job done and provide value to the business, both through simplification of the technological stack, and through reduction of costs.

There was also a few words on potential pitfalls and potential for cost overruns in case of poorly written code.

To sum it up, this is a talk definitively worth listening, and I highly recommend the speaker in general.