Iterative development is one of those agile techniques that so often turn into their opposite: blinded by the very iterations, developers cannot see the upfront design they are implicitly following. Isn’t there anything we can do to improve iterative development?
In this presentation, you will see how code can grow one line at a time, literally, and yet every next line will add one complete, and often final, feature to the design. A good design – the one with responsibilities separated, components loosely coupled, with good naming and other qualities we prefer.


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Srdjan Vranac at 11:07 on 2 Dec 2018

A rather interesting voyage on doing more with less code

nice talk

Marko Bozic at 13:40 on 2 Dec 2018

Nice talk, interesting but I do not agree with a lot of thinks. Works on simple sample as he showed us, I do not think it works for more complex things

Milan Rasljic at 20:50 on 2 Dec 2018

Ok lecture. Just needs a bit better presentation (make it a bit more fun so it could hold the audience focus).