In the past years we have been overwhelmed by agile coaches bombarding us with important stuff like the optimal length of a sprint, how to rip off a Post-It and why we should use CAPITAL letters on story cards.

The question is, will that help us write better code? Will it make our programs more maintainable? Probably not. Nevertheless, organizations spend barrows of money on agile coaches, but not a single dime on Technical Coaching. This lunatic must come to an end and now is the time for us developers to fight back and protect our right to grow in the art of creating code.

Taking its starting-point in the XP-principles this session will explain what technical coaching is, why you should do it and how it could be done through mob programming sessions.


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Nikola Đuza at 23:15 on 2 Dec 2018

Really liked the talk because it tells how to level up your team from the technical side, how to improve their software development game. I also liked funny references to Star Wars and a rant about agile coaches. Will try out mob programming after this definitely!