“Argh, e2e tests, not again” – you must be saying to yourself. But this time it will be fun and less stressful than usual, I promise. Get ready to find more about Cypress – tool for e2e testing by testing React code with a backend. Pack your backpack, we’re going on an adventure!

This talk would introduce Cypress and its features to the audience. The talk will show how to properly test React front end and connect it to the back end. It would also teach a couple of philosophies that come with using Cypress and best practices for its use.

Cypress was designed to be fast and lightweight as much as it can be – which is especially helpful as e2e test are expensive to write and run. One of the philosophies is how to handle your data, since most front end apps show data. I’ll answer questions like when and why to stub the back end / make fixtures / or seed the data.


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Marko Bozic at 13:44 on 2 Dec 2018

Speaker is really good. Not forcing only one product, great examples.

Very informative, will definitely be giving Cypress a try now. The live example that was made using the conference website was very good demonstration. Examples and explanations were good, as well as sensible comparison with Selenium. Good talk, delivered well.

Milan Rasljic at 21:06 on 2 Dec 2018

Great presentation. Great examples. Confident speaker. Usefull information. Cypress looks similar to Protractor that I am working with, so It was interesting to compare the 2.