Most of the software companies these days are using some variant of the Agile approach, mostly Scrum. The experiences vary. From implementing only some of the elements (“we do daily meetings, use Jira and sprints of various length”), to the excitement and a religious zeal (“Scrum is the only way. Thou shalt have no other ways.”), to abandoning of Scrum approach. Most common complaints are that Scrum meetings are taking too much time and that Scrum is not efficient. Because all those different experiences, there is a lot of discussions whether Scrum is just another passing fad and predictions about “the end of Scrum”.

The goals of this talk are to revisit what are the reasons for using Scrum and what are the essential requirements needed for Scrum to be successful. Especially, what is the relationship between the business (“how to build the right product”) and engineering (“how to build the product right”). Finally, we’ll discuss what each of us, being in development or business, can do to make the process of building software successful.


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Good and interesting presentation. Confident speaker and a lot of examples.

Milan Rasljic at 21:02 on 2 Dec 2018

Good presentation. Basic Git stuff. Well presented and explained.